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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Whole Family & Wash Care

Just look at 'em. Don't they seem happy? I think so. One thing's for sure - a closet full of kilts certainly gets my spirits up! Just thought it'd be nice to have a group photo.

This is also a good opportunity to give you an idea of how low-maintenance these beauties are. They only need to be washed infrequently, as they're pretty hard to get dirty enough to actually need a good washing (depending, of course, on how you like to spend your time. I can think of more than a few ways to dirty a kilt, but maybe that's because my mind is so often in the gutter.)

Anyway, I just run them through a cold cycle in the washing machine - after ensuring the labyrinth of pockets is emty, of course - and spread them out to dry. It's just as well to hang them up, but I find the pleats keep their form best when laid out to dry, maybe with a ceiling fan on. Just straightening them out by hand a bit aids the process, and keeps wrinkles out. Now I'm not that worried about the heavy-duty Workman's, so I usually just throw it in the dryer for a little while, not enough to dry it completely, and then spread it out for the rest of the process. The heavier material makes it nearly impossible to hang when it's soaked, cause it gets HEAVY.

As far as care goes, I also find that these things are built to last. I was more than a little turned off when I first saw the price tags, but you really do pay for quality and durability. I would've spent more on pants that wear out too easily in the time I've had my kilts, were I still living a shackled life, and I know folks who have spent years in one kilt with no complaints. I think it's a no-brainer.

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