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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Travels, Pt. 2

Interestingly enough, I'm beginning this blog a little over 1100 miles away from what I call home, but I suppose that's appropriate considering the ample opportunity to put the kilts to the test. If I haven't iterated the functionality of the garment enough, take, for instance, a simple trip to the beach:

For me, the sand and sun provides a chance to be truly utilitarian. As most
beach access areas are designed, I'll park my car and take the boardwalk to the sand, but instead of worrying over changing into my swim trunks before making the trek, I have them rolled up in my spacious cargo pocket ready at a moment's notice. Once I scope out a decent area to settle, changing my wardrobe in the public eye is as easy as unrolling my trunks, slipping them on under the kilt, unsnapping the latter and dropping it to the ground. Since it's a complete wrap-around, I can open the kilt to its maximum length and even use it in lieu of a beach towel to claim my spot on the sand. After I've had my fun in the waves, I return to land and air dry a bit before wrapping the kilt back around my waist and stealthily dropping the trunks - again, all without the need of a private, enclosed area to change.

I would say that, in more urban areas, I'm not as concerned about functionality so much as what my getup says about my character, but no matter my inclination, the kilt remains functional. Inherent usefulness aside, sometimes I do just like to give folks something to look at while they're on vacation, and I like to think I do a pretty good job.

In the case of this photo showing my Workman's model Utilikilt, the weather had more than a few folks sweating and shifting their weight uncomfortably from one foot to another, but I was chilling with my built-in air-conditioning and enjoying the sights of the city.

If you haven't guessed by the brick sidewalk and timely metalwork I'm clinging to, this next shot might alert a few seasoned travelers that I'm in Savannah, GA. The hotel featured here is called The Mansion, and the high-class facility definitely lives up to the name. I and the bifurcated fellow I'll admit to being related to got to dine on a very gourmet brunch inside the impressive hotel. Couldn't resist the typical tourist-style shot in front of the building.

I'll share another of my favorites before calling it quits on this post, and that, dear readers, is the mighty Mississippi. If you've never seen the river before, it is certainly a marvel worth your attention - even more so if you're able to feel the breeze rising up from the water; very refreshing when pants aren't in the way to interrupt. In this particular shot, I'm actually in the state with the same name, and I wager I'll be visiting again soon before too long (maybe on my way back home in a few days?)

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