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Monday, June 14, 2010

Olive, Oh Love...

As promised, here are some shots of the newest addition to my collection, the olive Original Utilikilt.

The color is much richer than I'd expected, a very deep, almost forest green, which can be elegant but still retain its character. Like a delicious glass of wine, no? Aged to perfection in the Utilikilts warehouse, this beautiful garment has been blah blah blah AWESOME. Got some good shots of the pleats in here, that fresh-off-the-factory crispness that makes for a nice looking kilt. They do tend to soften after awhile, but we're talking months and months of wear and tear - especially if you wear them every day, like me, but properly kept they can keep this nice, sharp look (like my Mocker, if you haven't seen it in action yet.)

I also wanted to experiment with sizing, because my 34" waist I typically order (all of the kilts before this one) is a bit loose - but COMFORTABLY so. I went a size down with this one at 33" (still kept the 23" length) and it definitely sits higher, the top just below my navel. It makes it feel shorter, which is actually kind of nice - I might consider going down to a 21.5" length on the next one - but it also wears more noticeably on my hip bones. I wouldn't want to load the pockets with much, else it'd be a bit uncomfortable. Either way it's nice to have options and to notice how different the ride can be with a simple alteration in sizing - and only an inch, at that! I worked with Utilikilts at a fair earlier this year, and almost every time we got the bifurcated blokes' actual waist measurements, a size up from that did the job, so if you're in the market for one of these, keep in mind that you're going to need some room to breathe (unless you like a tighter fit, like this one.) Also gives some "pinching room" in the backseat, extra fabric to stretch about when you're sitting or being active and whatnot.

And I love the black embroidered logo above the back pocket - it's white on my black Original, for obvious reasons, but I like the subtle, stylish element this lends to the whole package. Oh, and speaking of packages, everything still breathes just fine in this kilt - try getting a smaller size of trousers without the choke factor! (Actually, just take my word for it and don't.)

I've been wearing it for a whole day, and already I've got a handful of compliments and weird glances. Apparently this look is popular in Germany (maybe the military-grade green?), because a girl stopped me earlier who had been to Germany and enlightened me that I'd fit right in. Anyway, to wrap things up, this was a good lesson in sizing, and it makes me want to reiterate the importance of actually trying one on, if you're planning on freeing yourself anytime soon. It's one thing to take your measurements with a tape in front of a computer screen, but to really get the full effect and know for certain what's your style, either look for a retailer in your area, visit UKHQ on your next vacation, or check out different Renaissance fairs and other conferences for a vendor.

Hope you've enjoyed the pictures as much as I've enjoyed wearing it today - now I'm off to fetch some groceries and enjoy the reactions of some townsfolk!

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  1. Finally got that olive original, I see! It's great, isn't it. That's the garment that started it all for me. They only get better with age but the pleats, like the song, remains the same!

    EK \m/


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