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Friday, October 22, 2010

Lucy Got Some 'Splainin To Do

Remember how I mentioned the start of the school year as a great opportunity to keep sharing the love in the blogosphere?

Next time I say something like that, feel free to slap me. Between Shakespeare, the French language, and Russian literature, I have very little downtime. The logical thing to do, then, would be to further burden myself with responsibilities in six different student organizations, right? Apparently that's what I thought was the best plan, and as you can see, the journaling has suffered.

But quite a bit has happened between my last post and this one - the beginning of a new semester, a twenty-first birthday, and a trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival, to name only a few - so I do have some things to share, and hopefully they will reflect a return to regular updates.

I still have the problem of being the photographer: inevitably, it is difficult to take pictures of one's self, and I really never think to say "Hey stranger, would you mind snapping a few photos of me in my kilt?" I'm sure plenty of people do, but unfortunately it ain't on my camera.

So, without further ado (is that right? Ado?), the blog returns.

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