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Monday, January 3, 2011

Goodness, just WHERE does the time go?

It’s been almost a full month since my last post, and we’ve already begun another year. As you might imagine, I’ve been rather distracted, but here’s the Sparknotes version of where I’ve been:

I finished up the semester with my sanity hanging on by a thread, so most of this “break” has been spent recalibrating and readjusting to a life without the strains of school. Which, you know, I start again in just two short weeks, but that’s life.

I’ve been travelling quite a bit – San Antonio for some family relaxation, Mississippi and Georgia for the holidays, and my usual traipses around town and surrounding areas for this and that. I started to get back on a gym schedule, but after I was hit by an intestinal virus I’ve missed a bit more than I should have. Life goes on.

So that’s me—what about my kilts? Have they been accompanying me on my journeys and misadventures? You bet they have, including a frigid, snowy holiday season in Atlanta—the first Christmas snow they’ve had since 1882. I’ll be honest, I had to break out the thermals for that adventure, but once I pulled up my knee-length socks I didn’t feel too ashamed. I was actually asked at lunch yesterday (here in town, where it’s still chilly) how I typically combat the cold and my response was “practice,” but if it’s snowing and windy I have no qualms with bundling up my down-under.

I’m sure that you’re just as eager as I am to see some new pictures up here, given my recent prolonged absence, so I’ll share a couple from my San Antonio trip about two weeks back that were taken on the River Walk. If you’re not familiar with the city, San Antone’s a pretty big deal to us Texans, what with the Alamo and all, but I’d encourage anyone with a sense of adventure or a need for relaxation and sight-seeing to check out the River Walk (http://www.thesanantonioriverwalk.com/). Built around the banks of the San Antonio River is a pretty lengthy walkway studded with shop after restaurant after historic feature after hotel. It’s a surprisingly clean place (they flush the river yearly—if I’m not mistaken, this happens around February, so March wouldn’t be a bad time of year to mosey on over and have a good time) and there is PLENTY to do. My numero uno selling point is the food. If you like Mexican food or Tex-Mex, you’ll be satisfied, but thirsts from around the world can easily be quenched there, as my party found out at MadDog’s British Pub.

Not only was I pleasantly surprised by the quality of their food—and vegetarian options, no less—but I thoroughly enjoyed the wait staff’s appreciation for unbifurcated living. That’s right, they were ALL kilted—and not just the blokes; even the ladies sported mini-kilts, which, if you’ve never seen one in action, can be pretty sexy. I was told that the kilts featured at this restaurant were made in Europe from skilled craftsmen, and I even got to try one on: they sell the garments right across from the bar, and I was about to fork up the cash after trying on a very elegant, blue-hued plaid kilt, but I found out that I’m spoiled enough on the Utilikilt’s 360˚ pleats to settle for nothing less than perfect comfort. However, if it had been just an inch or two longer, I may have let my eager waitress make the sale for the sake of spicing up my wardrobe with some plaid.

In the meantime, I was sure to get a shot with some of the guys working the floor that night—the gentleman on the far right is wearing the tartan I was going for, and you can see that they get creative with some camo from the guy in the middle.

Well, I think that about wraps up today’s post (which, I promise, will be followed soon by more.) Here are some things you can look forward to next time around: dyeing your kilt to resurrect its old self; footwear and how to rock your socks in a kilt; and maybe a few other surprises. Meanwhile, keep it free, and don’t work too hard!

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  1. Another well written piece. Love the river walk in San Antonio and I've spent a little time kilted in MadDogs myself!



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